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          QEGSA (PTA)


          Donate online via direct debit
          (a 1% fee is deducted before reaching QEGSA)

          Donate online via credit or debit card
          (a 1.3% fee for credit cards and 13p for debit cards is deducted before reaching QEGSA)  

          Register your interest or sign up to contribute a small amount time to help 

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          Register your interest 


          If you would like further information about QEGSA or the Project Fund, please feel free to contact QEGSA at contact@qegsa.org.uk or by telephone: 020 3778 0403.  Also, be sure to check the school calendar for future QEGSA events.

          QEGSA Project Fund

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          What are we asking for?


          How can I donate?

          For your convenience, there are a variety of ways to support QEGSA:

          *You can also sign up for Gift Aid using all of these methods

          Thank you for your support,

          The Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School Association

          Charity Commission Registration Number: 277055


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