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          • Encouraging Excellence

            Since our foundation in 1888, we have a proud tradition of encouraging our pupils to aim high in all aspects of school life and beyond.

          • Academic Achievement

            Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School is proud to be a high achieving comprehensive school where every girl can ‘be the best she can be’.

          • Forward Thinking

            st century.

          • Motivation and Effort

          • Imagination and Creativity

            Pupils enjoy learning in lessons and beyond the classroom through a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

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          Welcome to Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School

          The school achieves consistently good results at GCSE and A Level, appearing on the Ofsted ‘Outstandingly Successful Schools’ list in 2003 and 2007.

          The school aims to develop confident, independent, flexible, self-disciplined and considerate young women. The girls have opportunities in and beyond the classroom to develop their academic, sporting, creative and leadership qualities. Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School is a vibrant and exciting learning community of which all are proud to be a part.

          Welcome to QEGS
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          Our Sixth Form

          We are proud to have a comprehensive


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          Our History

          • Tudor Rose

          • 1888

            Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School opened on 20 September 1888, with 40 pupils aged from five to eighteen. It occupied Russell House as pictured, which was on the site of the present High Street buildings.

          • 1894


          • 1909

        • 1920

        • 1921

          In January 1921 Miss Gertrude Clemment became headmistress bringing with her a greater emphasis on physical education (PE). She appointed the school's first full-time PE teachers, introduced compulsory gym and built tennis and netball courts.

        • 1927

          To accommodate the expanded population the school was rebuilt adding the building we see today on the High Street. It incorporated new classrooms, a domestic science room, library, staff room, cloakrooms, caretakers quarters, dining room and kitchen. This was also the year in which the Old Girls' Guild was established and continues to flourish today.

        • 1938

          During the 1930s the school introduced the School Council which was a very radical innovation to give students a voice long before the idea became fashionable. In 1938 the new buildings, including an assembly hall and classrooms were opened by the Duchess of Kent.

        • 1938

          The day following the official opening of the school hall and building, Saturday 5 November, saw the school's first thanksgiving service in Barnet Church. The girls filed up the High Street in pairs to attend and this became an annual event until 1985.

        • 1939

        • 1954

        • 1957

          On 17 November 1957 the school was visited by Queen Elizabeth II. This was the young Queen's first visit to a state school and was a very significant event for all pupils and staff at the time. The Head Girl and games captains presented the Queen with gifts for the young Princess Anne and Prince Charles. This was followed by a few words from the Queen - her first unscripted speech!

        • 1961

          Miss Marjorie Payne became headmistress in 1961 having the formidable task of following the well-respected Miss Balaam. Her 17 years at Queen Elizabeth's can be summed up as a period of change, reorganisation and building works.
          It included numerous new buildings, a change of uniform, abolishment of the sixth form uniform, a move to becoming a Comprehensive as well as the arrival of the first male teacher, in geography!

        • 1963

          Tudor House was purchased in 1949 and accommodated the sixth form in small damp rooms. This was demolished and made way for a new Art Block in 1963. Also another block containing lecture rooms and the Freeda Balaam Memorial Library was opened in this year.

        • 1965

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        • 1973

          Queen Elizabeth's became a comprehensive school in this year and more changes followed. It was around this time that school dresses were phased out in favour of the kilts we have today in two shades of  blue.

        • 1975

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        • 1978

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        • 1985

        • 1990

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        • 1991

          Disaster stuck when the school hall, built in 1938, burnt down as a result of an arson attack. Following a period of considerable distruption, rebuilding work took place. The school took this as an opportunity to enhance and increase the accommodation available by building a two storey stucture containing the school hall, new library, sixth form study area and music rooms.

        • 1995

          One of the first things the new headmistress Miss Anne Shinwell had to manage was the rebuilding of the school hall. During her tenure the school grew in popularity and reputation with music, art, drama and sport flourishing. Copthall Stadium became the venue for the school's annual sports day. This was also the time of our first OFSTED inspection in 1997.

        • 2000

        • 2013

          Our 125th

        • Queen Elizabeth’s Girls’ School

          Queen Elizabeth's Girls' School
          High Street
          EN5 5RR

          T: 020 8449 2984
          F: 020 8441 2322
          E: office@qegschool.org.uk

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